Learning & Development

The thrust of Learning & Development efforts has been skill enhancement and capability building.

The 70:10:20 Concept: According to this concept, a person learns 70 percent from challenging work assignments; 10 percent from the formal inputs through training and development programs and 20 percent from interacting with right people. Across the Welspun Group learning and development gets managed at different levels – certain group level initiatives get centrally driven, while other location/business/unit level requirements are addressed locally at the Units.

The central L&D process of Welspun is built around a common training curriculum which has been designed under the Welspun Corporate University (WCU) framework. Around 30 different titles/ programs have been designed for the India employees under the WCU framework, which are executed across 5 different locations, through class room training. For our international locations, the same training curriculum is delivered through the e-learning methodology. At the business/location level the emphasis is more on technical and functional trainings, which is built around Location specific training needs identified and delivered through class-room and practical exposure (location calendars). Welspun has also partnered with NTTF (a renowned technical institute) for workmen development and their satellite centre is operational at Anjar from year 2011-12. To equip employees on the technical aspects a Technical Training certification for workmen and supervisory staff has been initiated. The certification model ensures continuous evaluation & improvement of workmen at all levels and facilitates them to set and achieve measurable learning goals. The training intervention has been conceptualized as a project which intends knowledge transfer, effectiveness of learning & honing the skills acquired.

The story of an Organization’s success is actually a journey from Organizational Learning to Learning Organization – and that’s the belief on which the Learning and Development framework has been designed and is being implemented.

Talent Management

The biggest asset of any organization is its ‘people’ since employees actually make an organization successful. Organizations that effectively manage their talent provide benefits to the employee and to the clients whom the organization serves.

At Welspun, identifying the key talent pool within the organization – and then training and developing them to their full potential, is the foundation of our talent management philosophy. Welspun believes that the quality of its people will provide the real competitive advantage that would propel the Group on the exponential growth path it has envisioned.

To ensure proper growth and overall development of the talent pool employees, Welspun has designed a simple but comprehensive process of identifying and developing their talent pool (high potential employees). It has defined a performance – potential evaluation framework supported by recommendation taken from functional managers, previous performance records as well as a third party view obtained through psychometric testing. Those who clear all these filters are then mapped individually for specific development plans, to build competence and strengths in the areas of Leadership skills, Technical, General and People Management.

This IDP exercise in combination with a comprehensive successions planning and talent review mechanism aims at defining a ‘Talent Strategy’ for the Group – towards building a leadership pipeline that will create quality leaders to manage growth and diversification plans of the Group businesses.

Building on the organization’s existing talent supports the organization’s efforts to plan and address critical skill requirements. Furthermore, investing in the organization’s current talent pool benefit the employee, which further increases, the likelihood of retention and enhancement of individual and organizational performance.

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